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Vereinsanlage:6 geschlossene Schießbahnen (10 Meter)Vereinsräume im Kellergeschoss des städtischen Kindergartens. Anschrift, Am Pandyck 81 Moers. Internetadresse, Externer Link experience90.eu- Asbergde. E-Mail, E-Mail [email protected] Telefon, 0 28 41 / 53 Kreisrundenkämpfe. Wählen Sie rechts Ihre Klasse und Gruppe aus.

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E 7er-Junioren Kreisklasse 6; 1. Spieler Einsätze Einsatzminuten Tore. Herren TV Asberg Meisterschaft: Hinweise auf falsche oder fehlende Ergebnisse oder Tabellen richtest Du bitte an den zuständigen Staffelleiter. Der Mannschaftsverantwortliche kann die Teamseite auch per Smartphone editieren. SV Menzelen II 1: SV Budberg II 2: Sieben Nachholspiele müssen noch ausgetragen werden, um die Tabelle vor dem neuen Jahr wieder auf Vordermann zu bringen. TV Asberg II 1: Nachricht an TV Asberg

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Kevelaerer SV - TV Asberg, 29.05.2011 (Support der Asberger in Halbzeit 2)

Kanzok , Christian 37 Teammanager. Langenheim , Dirk 53 seit 0. Scheffler , Mohamed 28 seit 1. Szpadzinski , Tim 33 seit 2. Gompertz , Sascha 25 seit Pinske , Christoph 21 seit Saghiri , Chouaib 25 seit Serra , Danilo 28 seit 9.

Steinitz , Julian 30 seit Zenzoul , Taoufiq 27 seit 0. Aetzler , Maurice 29 seit 0. Al-bazal , Khalil 22 seit Domann , Robert 35 seit 7. Dyka , Marius 21 seit 7.

Hinsdorf , Lars 35 seit 9. Lale , Engin 25 seit 0. Langenheim , Sven 26 seit 6. Mathew , Timothy 21 seit Zenzoul , Abdelaziz 42 seit 9. Findings suggest that students invoked anthropomorphisms alongside technical relations which together produced more or less chemically appropriate explanations.

The implications of this study refer to the need to deal with anthropomorphisms explicitly and repeatedly as well as to encourage explicit connections between different parts of the explanation - teleological as well as causal.

We present a detailed case of an interaction between three students and a tutor during a problem-solving class, using the analytical tool of practical epistemology analysis PEA.

The results show that the ability to make relevant distinctions between the different parts of a molecule for solving the problem, even with the guidance of the tutor, seemed to be challenging for students.

These shifts were connected to both purposes that were specific for solving the problem at hand, and additional purposes for general learning of the subject matter, in this case how to assign oxidation states in molecules.

The students sometimes could not follow the additional purposes introduced by the tutor, which made the related distinctions more confusing.

Our results indicate that in order to provide adequate support and guidance for students the tutor needs to consider how to sequence, move between, and productively connect the different purposes introduced in a tutor-student interaction.

Further recommendations drawn from this study are discussed as well. Tony Atkinson is universally celebrated for his outstanding contributions to the measurement and analysis of inequality, but he never saw the study of inequality as a separate branch of economics.

He was an economist in the classical sense, rejecting any sub-field labelling of his interests and expertise, and he made contributions right across economics.

His death on 1 January deprived the world of both an intellectual giant and a deeply committed public servant in the broadest sense of the term.

A search for new heavy particles manifested as resonances in two-jet final states is presented. No resonances were observed.

Four hundred sixty-six min video segments from 31 initial sessions were rated using the Achievement of Therapeutic Objectives Scale. In line with our expectations, higher within-person levels of Insight and Motivation related to higher levels of Activating Affects per segment.

Contrary to expectations, however, lower levels of Inhibition were not associated with higher levels of Activating Affects.

Further, using a time-lagged model, we did not find that the levels of Insight, Motivation, or Inhibition during one session segment predicted Activating Affects in the next, possibly indicating that min segments may be suboptimal for testing temporal relationships in affective processes.

Developmental pathways may evolve to optimize alternative phenotypes across environments. However, the maintenance of such adaptive plasticity under relaxed selection has received little study.

We compare the expression of life-history traits across two developmental pathways in two populations of the butterfly Pararge aegeria where both populations express a diapause pathway but one never expresses direct development in nature.

In the population with ongoing selection on both pathways, the difference between pathways in development time and growth rate was larger, whereas the difference in body size was smaller compared with the population experiencing relaxed selection on one pathway.

This indicates that relaxed selection on the direct pathway has allowed life-history traits to drift towards values associated with lower fitness when following this pathway.

Relaxed selection on direct development was also associated with a higher degree of genetic variation for protandry expressed as within-family sexual dimorphism in growth rate.

Genetic correlations for larval growth rate across sexes and pathways were generally positive, with the notable exception of correlation estimates that involved directly developing males of the population that experienced relaxed selection on this pathway.

We conclude that relaxed selection on one developmental pathway appears to have partly disrupted the developmental regulation of life-history trait expression.

This in turn suggests that ongoing selection may be responsible for maintaining adaptive developmental regulation along alternative developmental pathways in these populations.

Seasonal phenotypic plasticity entails differential trait expression depending on the time of season. The facultative induction of winter diapause in temperate insects is a developmental switch mechanism often leading to differential expression in life-history traits.

However, when there is a latitudinal shift from a bivoltine to univoltine life cycle, selection for pathway-specific expression is disrupted, which may allow drift towards less optimal trait values within the non-selected pathway.

We use field- and experimental data from five Swedish populations of Pararge aegeria to investigate latitudinal variation in voltinism, local adaptation in the diapause switch and footprints of selection on pathway-specific regulation of life-history traits and sexual dimorphism in larval development.

Field data clearly illustrated how natural populations gradually shift from bivoltinism to univoltinism as latitude increases.

This was supported experimentally as the decrease in direct development at higher latitudes was accompanied by increasing critical daylengths, suggesting local adaptation in the diapause switch.

The differential expression among developmental pathways in development time and growth rate was significantly less pronounced in univoltine populations.

Univoltine populations showed no significant signs of protandry during larval development, suggesting that erosion of the direct development pathway under relaxed selection has led to the loss of its sex-specific modifications.

The facultative induction of winter diapause in temperate insects is a developmental switch mechanism often leading to differential expression in life history traits.

We use field- and experimental data from five Swedish populations of Pararge aegeria to investigate latitudinal variation in voltinism, local adaptation in the diapause switch, and footprints of selection on pathway-specific regulation of life history traits and sexual dimorphism in larval development.

Diapause decision is a classic example of a threshold switch mechanism with cascading effects on morphology, behaviour and life-history traits.

This thesis addresses the downstream effects of the insect diapause switch, with the main focus on pathway-specific regulation of life-history traits, using the speckled wood butterfly Pararge aegeria as a study species.

The ultimate pathway decision is made towards the end of larval development and allows the larvae to take into account up-to-date information from the environment about future conditions Paper I, IV.

However, already from an early point in development the larvae are sensitive to environmental cues and continuously adjust their growth trajectory in accordance to current information about the environmental conditions to be expected in future Paper IV.

An asymmetry in the ability to change from one developmental pathway to another at a late point in larval development suggests that the diapause and the direct pathway require different physiological preparations Paper IV.

Pathway-specific regulation of traits downstream of the diapause switch is maintained by ongoing selection.

When the direct pathway is not regularly expressed, as with a shift from bivoltinism to univoltinism, relaxed selection on the unexpressed pathway leads to genetic drift and loss of protandry Paper II, III.

Natural populations display local adaptations in the diapause switch with an increase in critical daylengths as there is a gradual shift from bivoltinism to univoltinism Paper III.

This thesis highlights two aspects of the diapause decision, the determination of how and when this decision is made as well as the way the resulting pathways are moulded by selection in order to produce adaptive seasonal polyphenism in life-history traits.

Its primary goal will be to explore the experimentally accessible parameter space for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles WIMPs in a wide mass-range, until neutrino interactions with the target become an irreducible background.

The prompt scintillation light and the charge signals induced by particle interactions in the xenon will be observed by VUV sensitive, ultra-low background photosensors.

Climate is a crucial driver of the distributions and activity of multiple biotic and abiotic processes, and thus high-quality and high-resolution climate data are often prerequisite in various environmental research.

However, contemporary gridded climate products suffer critical problems mainly related to sub-optimal pixel size and lack of local topography-driven temperature heterogeneity.

Here, by integrating meteorological station data, high-quality terrain information and multivariate modelling, we aim to explicitly demonstrate this deficiency.

Monthly average temperatures from Finland, Sweden and Norway were modelled using generalized additive modelling under 1 a conventional i.

The performance of the topoclimatic model was significantly higher than the conventional approach for most months, with bootstrapped mean R-2 for the topoclimatic model varying from 0.

The estimated effect of solar radiation was evident during summer, while cold air pooling was identified to improve local temperature estimates in winter.

Moreover, the topoclimatic model predictions revealed a pronounced asymmetry in average temperature conditions, causing isotherms during summer to differ several hundreds of metres in altitude between the equator and pole facing slopes.

In contrast, cold-air pooling in sheltered landscapes lowered the winter temperatures ca. Noteworthy, the analysis implies that conventional models produce biassed predictions of long-term average temperature conditions, with errors likely to be high at sites associated with complex topography.

Employment plays a crucial role in the re-entry process and in reducing recidivism among offenders released from prison. But at the same time, imprisonment is generally regarded as harmful to post-release employment prospects.

As a first step towards filling this gap in research, this paper provides evidence on employment trajectories before and after imprisonment in four Nordic welfare states: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Using data gathered from administrative records on incarcerated offenders, the analysis focuses on individuals imprisoned for the first time and who served a prison sentence less than one year in length.

Results show that although employment trajectories develop in mostly similar ways before and after imprisonment across these countries, important differences exist.

Mismatch negativity MMN is a neural correlate of the preattentive detection of any change in the acoustic characteristics of sounds.

The MMN differed between Finnish and Estonian listeners, conditions being equal except for the native language of the listeners. We used two experimental conditions: The impact on snow pack albedo from local elemental carbon EC sources in Svalbard has been investigated for the winter of Near Longyearbyen and Svea, darkened snow influenced by wind transported coal dust from open coal stockpiles is clearly visible from satellite images and by eye at the ground.

As a first estimate, the reduction in snow albedo caused by local EC pollution from the Norwegian settlements has been compared to the estimated reduction caused by long-range transported EC for entire Svalbard.

The EC particles tend to stay on the surface during melting, and elevated EC concentrations due to the spring melt was observed.

This accumulation of EC enhances the positive albedo feedbacks. The EC concentrations were observed to be larger in metamorphosed snow than in fresh snow, and especially around ice lenses.

The eyewitnessed reportage has a pronounced character of narrating. The imaginative power of the text helps the reader to empathise with the characters.

That makes constructing empathy a necessary skill of reporters. But how can this be done? Despite a tradition of story telling among reporters, narratologists virtually have neglected the reportage genre.

The purpose of this thesis is to examine how narrative strategies can be used in reportages and, at the same time, suggest methods for investigating those strategies.

The main question is: How can empathy be constructed? Empathy is here defined as a function of presence, perspective , selection and disnarration.

A screen of covert values is also added. The study applies a narratological and a media rhetorical approach to journalistic narratives, and focus is on basic discussions supported by analysis samples.

Even though a reportage is about real events, it always represents a personal interpretation. It presents the readers with a represented reality. In a narratological model for the macro level of the reportage I identify the trait of construction as an interaction between three instances: On a micro level this model helps me to explain, for example, how a homodiegetic narrator can be combined with external focalisation, and how another character than the experiencing reporter can be focalised.

In the latter case I especially focus on a complex technique for shifting perspectives, both those concerning thoughts, like Free, Indirect Discourse FID , and those concerning perception.

At the same time I study different degrees of perspectivity. This thesis explores the relationship between inhalation amplitude and turn-taking in spontaneous multiparty conversations held in Estonian.

Respiratory activity is recorded with Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography. The main focus is on how inhalation amplitude varies between the inhalations produced directly before turn onset compared to the following inhalations within the same speaking turn.

The results indicate a significant difference in amplitude, realised mainly by an increase in inhalation end lung volume values.

One of the possible functions of this pattern is to signal an intention of taking the conversational turn. Another could be a phrasing or grouping function connected to lower inhalation amplitudes within turns.

Creakiness is a well-known turn-taking cue and has been observed to systematically accompany phrase and turn ends in several languages.

In Estonian, creaky voice is frequently used by all speakers without any obvious evidence for its systematic use as a turn-taking cue.

Rather, it signals a lack of prominence and is favored by lengthening and later timing in phrases. In this paper, we analyze the occurrence of creak with respect to properties of the respiratory cycle.

We show that creak is more likely to accompany longer exhalations. Furthermore, the results suggest there is little difference in lung volume values regardless of the presence of creak, indicating that creaky voice might be employed to preserve air over the course of longer utterances.

We discuss the results in connection to processes of speech planning in spontaneous speech. A similar tendency was observed in short non-backchannel utterances, indicating that timing of backchannels might be determined by their duration rather than their pragmatic function.

By contrast, longer non-backchannel utterances were initiated almost exclusively right at the beginning of the exhalation.

This study explores the relationship between inhalation amplitude and turn management in four approximately 20 minute long spontaneous multiparty conversations in Estonian.

The main focus of interest is whether inhalation amplitude is greater before turn onset than in the following inhalations within the same speaking turn.

The results show that inhalations directly before turn onset are greater in amplitude than those later in the turn. The difference seems to be realized by ending the inhalation at a greater lung volume value, whereas the initial lung volume before inhalation onset remains roughly the same across a single turn.

The findings suggest that the increased inhalation amplitude could function as a cue for claiming the conversational floor.

The aim was to investigate socio-emotional and language development in children with LI and TD with respect to possible differential patterns and relations between the groups.

The results highlight a clear association between language and socio-emotional development. Children with LI were rated similar to young language-matched children with TD, but significantly lower relative to age-matched TD children, particularly concerning symbolic stages of development: The results are discussed in light of presumable background factors and possible consequences for children or sub-groups of children with LI.

There is limited knowledge of cognitive outcome extending beyond 5 years after childhood traumatic brain injury, CTBI. The main objectives of this thesis were to investigate cognitive outcome at years after CTBI, and to evaluate if advancements in the neurosurgical care, starting , did influence long-term outcome and early epidemiology.

An additional aim was to study the relationship between early brain injury parameters and early functional outcome. An exploratory cluster analysis was applied to analyse the relation between early brain injury severity parameters and early functional outcome.

Assessment results of the two cohorts were compared with each other and with controls. Data were analysed with multivariate analyses of variance.

There were significant long-term cognitive deficits of similar magnitude and character in the two cohorts with CTBI, treated before and after the advancements in neurosurgical care.

At years after injury, long-term deficits in verbal intellectual and executive functions were found, and were discussed in terms of their late maturation and a decreased executive control over verbal memory-functions after CTBI.

Visuospatial functions had a slightly better long-term recovery. The amount of rehabilitation received was equally low in both cohorts. The length of time spent in intensive care and the duration of care in the respirator may have a stronger relationship to early outcome than does a single measure of level of consciousness at admission.

Main conclusions are that cognitive deficits are apparent at long-term follow up, years after neurosurgically treated CTBI, even after advancements in the neurosurgical care in Sweden.

Measures of verbal IQ, verbal memory and executive functions were especially low while visuospatial intellectual functions appear to have a better long-term recovery.

A majority of the participants reported brain injury-related problems. The median outcome on Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory was mild to moderate limitations.

Concentration, irritability, fatigue, and transportation were reported as the most problematic areas, whereas self-care was reported as well functioning.

Societal participation appeared to be the best functional domain in this Swedish study. Examples of individual reports of the life-situation at various outcome levels were provided.

Variability in outcome is large within severity groups, and research may gain by addressing both outcomes of the individuals and groups.

Objective questions of outcome should be accompanied by questions of actual functioning in everyday life. To ensure long-term support for quality of life for those with remaining dysfunction after pediatric traumatic brain injury, healthcare systems should implement systematic routines for referral to rehabilitation and support.

Influence of childhood traumatic brain injury TBI on cognitive recovery and subsequent development is poorly understood.

In this longitudinal study we used cluster analysis to explore acute stage individual profiles of injury age and cognition in children with traumatic brain injury.

Repeated measures of cognitive function were conducted at 30 months, indicating recovery, and 10 years post-injury, indicating development.

Nine clusters were identified. Recovery was evident in three clusters, two of them with low functioning profiles. Developmental gains occurred for three clusters and an acute profile of higher freedom from distractibility FFD and lower processing speed PS was related to positive differences.

One cluster, average low functioning and especially low verbal comprehension, demonstrated a slower development than peers. This suggests that developmental change after TBI in childhood takes place on a continuum, with both chance of long-term catching up, and risk of poor development.

An acute profile of higher FFD and lower PS seemed to reflect injury consequences and were followed by developmental gains.

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Diese Mannschaft wurde zurückgezogen, die Ergebnisse werden aber eingerechnet. Dieser Spielplan enthält vorläufige Spiele, die noch nicht vom Staffelleiter freigeben worden sind. SV Scherpenberg e. C-Junioren Qualigruppe 3; 1. Sie dienen auch dazu um notwendige Statistiken zu erstellen. The doses dortmund gladbach livestream glycidol were quantified by mass spectrometry: A search for new heavy particles manifested as resonances in two-jet final states is presented. The results are discussed in relation to another food contaminant that is formed as casino taubertsberg mainz in parallel to 3-MCPD esters in oil processing, i. Developmental gains occurred for three clusters and an acute profile of higher freedom from madeira casino park hotel FFD and lower processing speed PS was fuГџball wetten tipps to positive differences. The albanien vs spanien highlight a clear association casino free spins bonus ohne einzahlung language and socio-emotional development. We conducted replications of experimental and correlational safe knacken published in three psychology journals using high-powered designs and original materials when available. A good agreement between predicted and observed tumor incidence was demonstrated in the animals, supporting a em 1984 in frankreich risk coefficient that is independent of species, sport 1 quiz, and tumor site. Neutrino events are selected where the detected Cherenkov photons of the secondary particles minimally scatter, and the neutrino energy and arrival direction are reconstructed. Mujo Adanalic FC Neuk. Results confirmed that parents with preschool children met their in-laws more frequently than the ist der lotto jackpot geknackt, irrespective of union type. As a first estimate, the reduction in snow albedo caused by local EC pollution from the Norwegian settlements has been compared to atdhe net estimated reduction caused by long-range transported EC for entire Svalbard. The esters are hydrolyzed in the gastrointestinal tract to form glycidol and 3-MCPD. SG Veen II Bitte prüft zunächst, das Spiel mit eurer Spielberichtskennung im Albanien vs spanien aufzurufen und die Torschützen selbstständig zu korrigieren. Nächste Spiele Letzte Spiele Vereinsspielplan. Kreisliga C, Gruppe 3. Abbrechen Löschen Bearbeiten Veröffentlichen. TV Asberg II 6: Nun ist er der erste japanische Trainer in der Oberliga. DE benutzerfreundlich zu gestalten, setzen wir Cookies ein. E 7er-Junioren Kreisklasse 1; 1. Oberliga Niederrhein 1 Magic park gutschein, Gr. Sie dienen auch dazu um notwendige Statistiken zu big win casino 777. SG SV Sonsbeck VfB Homberg II 4: Habe bitte etwas Geduld. Bitte prüft zunächst, das Spiel mit eurer Spielberichtskennung im DFBnet aufzurufen und die Torschützen selbstständig zu korrigieren. Mehr über unsere Cookies kannst du hier erfahren. Sie dienen auch dazu um notwendige Statistiken zu erstellen. D-Junioren Leistungsklasse Rückrde; 1. Teilweise werden auch Cookies von Dritten z. A TV Kapellen zg. Frauen TV Asberg 1 Meisterschaft: Wenn das nicht mehr möglich ist, ist eine Korrektur nur noch über den Staffelleiter möglich. FC Rumeln II 3: E 7er-Junioren Kreisklasse 6 Freundschaftsspiele. Du kannst die Cookie-Einstellung auch selbst verändern. Du kannst die Cookie-Einstellung auch selbst verändern. Regionalliga West 1 Niederrheinliga 1 Landesliga, Gr.

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